Reminiscences of a former pupil

I began my schooling at Ascot Priory in 1929, when I was five years of age.  I was one of the first day girls.  My years at the Priory, and later at St Augustine’s, were very happy and I look back with gratitude for the way I was taught.  At the ripe old age of 81, I still recall those bygone days with affection.

Our P E teacher was Sister Edith, who late became Reverend Mother.  Sister Mona taught us French; she hated our elbows in the desks and would wave her hand at us saying very firmly “Elbows!” and we would quickly fold our arms until the next time, when the same thing would happen again.

Sister Benita taught us Scripture: unfortunately she suffered from sever sciatica and in the middle of a lesson would jump to her feet, clutching her leg and frightening her pupils out their wits.  Another teacher was Sister Florence, who taught us music.  She was a brilliant pianist and often played for our entertainment.  She also used to take her violin to the Priory’s holiday home at Hayling Island. 

There were some teachers who were not nuns.  One favourite was Miss Cecilia Toyer, and also her elder sister Ethel: Cecilia “took the veil” when she was twenty-one and spent the rest of her life at Ascot Priory, eventually becoming the last Reverend Mother.

Edna Huxtable, née Willey.